BitGard Advanced Monitoring Services

BitGard offers a set of performance monitoring services to help you detect outages and performance issues with your web applications.

• Server Monitoring - monitors 24/7 any type of server and network device connected to the Internet as often as every minute. Make sure that they are always up and running and deliver the best performance. Every detected error is verified by our verification system and real-time multimedia alerts are sent to the designated contacts.

• Website Monitoring - monitors and measures performance and availability of web sites. Provides full-page downloads with repeat or first-time user experience simulation, giving you real insight into what your end-users are experiencing. Real-time alerts are generated if page errors or performance problems occur.

• Application Monitoring - monitors and measures performance and availability of complex multi-step web transactions and the web applications they use to ensure they are functioning properly and deliver excellent performance. Typical business transactions are customer logins, purchase order fulfillment, submit forms and other. Instant alerts eliminate the risk of lost revenue resulting from web application downtime.

• Email System Monitoring with Round-Trip - verifies that your incoming and outgoing email services are working from and end-to-end perspective. The email-monitoring agent will connect to the outgoing (SMTP) mail server, send a test message, and then will login into your incoming (POP3) server and retrieve the message.